Terms & Conditions

§ 1. General Provisions
1.1. Online store, on the website, which is managed by Ind. Entrepreneur Tornike Pirtakhia, Street: Arthur Laist N11. Entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the Registry of the National Court of Ploni, with registration number: 0000839181, payment identification number (TIN): 7393939857; Region (Business Registration Number): 386021224; Email:
1.2 The rules and regulations set out the following principles:

  1. (a) A regulation on electronic services between the seller and the customer, in particular the creation and maintenance of a customer account, the sending of news to customers, and the use of interactive order forms by them.
  2. b) Execution and implementation of the contract for the purchase of goods presented in the store, as well as the provision of additional services by the seller during the sale of products.

1.3 The existing rules and regulations apply only to users of the online store.
1.4 Store access requires Internet access, an active email address, and an Internet browser that allows you to access the Web: FireFox 30.x or later, Google Chrome 35.x latest, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 latest. To use some of the apps in the store, you need to set up a software designated by Java, Java Script or vendor to use the app and receive cookies.
1.5 The costs associated with using the Internet by the user depend on the prices of the ISP used by the user. These costs and all other costs related to the technical conditions specified in paragraph 1.4 shall be borne by the Customer.
1.6 Tornike Pirtakhia will control the processed personal data related to the implementation of these rules and regulations. The processing of personal data is based on the principles of the privacy policy available on the online store website. Calling for personal data is voluntary. Any person whose personal data is processed by the service provider has the right to access their content, update, correct and also delete and request termination of their processing.
1.7 Any rights to the Store, including economic and intellectual property rights, belong to the Seller.
1.8 The seller uses the “cookie” mechanism. Cookies are stored in a web browser. Once the web browser receives the cookie, it sends it to the server as additional information each time it visits the store’s website. The web server creates its own “cookie” for each user. All the functions of the store are used only when the “cookies” are active. Additional information on this is available on the website in the Privacy Policy.
1.9 To place an order in the store and use the services provided electronically by the service provider, you need to use e-mail.
1.10 It is prohibited to provide information by the user with illegal content that violates the applicable provisions of the law or the use of the website in such a way as to violate the rights of third parties.
1.11 Use of the Internet carries with it the risk of disclosure of information to persons for whom this information is not intended. The seller recommends that the user use antivirus software when using the devices.
1.1. Working day – every day from Monday to Friday, except public holidays.
1.2. Registration Form – A form that is available in the online store and is used to create an account.
1.3. Order form – an electronic service form, an interactive form in an online store used to place an order, in particular to determine the terms and conditions, including delivery and payment methods.
1.4.Consumer- (1) a natural person who has the ability to perform lawful actions, and in cases provided by the general provisions of the law also a natural person who has limited legal capacity; (2) legal entity; Or (3) an organizational entity that is not a legal entity and whose authority is recognized by law; – Who has entered or intends to enter into a purchase agreement with the seller.
1.5. POLISH CIVIL CODE – Civil Code Act of 23 April 1964 (Journal of Laws of 1964 no. 16, item 93 as amended).
1.6. Account – An individual set of IT resources that has a username and password that includes, in particular, customer data, orders, discounts, and a history of marketing correspondence with the customer. The account and user name created during registration belong to only one user.
1.7 LOGIN / Name – the e-mail address of the user (the specified address must be valid and accessible), which the user fixes during registration.
1.8.Product- Goods that are available on

In-line store and is the subject of a purchase agreement between the customer and the seller.
1.9. Rules and Regulations – Online Store Rules and Regulations.
1.10. Online Store-Service Provider Online Store Available at Website
1.11. Seller, service provider – ELAN professional line Ltd.

1.12. Purchase Agreement – A product purchase agreement that is entered into between the seller and the customer and is executed by the seller and the customer through the online store.
1.13. Electrical service – a service provided to the customer by an electronic service provider through an online store.
1.14. Client – (1) a natural person who has full capacity to perform lawful actions, and in cases provided for by the general provisions of the law, also a natural person who has limited legal capacity; (2) legal entity; Or (3) an organizational entity that does not have the form of a legal entity and whose authority is recognized by law; – Those who use or intend to use electronic services.
1.16. Order – The intention of the customer, which is confirmed in the form of an order and aims at the execution of the product purchase agreement with the seller.
§ 2.Processing personal data
2.1. ELAN Georgia is a controller of user personal data and processes personal data received from the website –
2.2 Detailed information regarding the protection of personal data is available on the Website in the Privacy Policy.
2.3 The agreement to the existing rules and regulations as well as the privacy policy confirms your consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the above documents.
§ 3. Registration procedure
3.1 In order to create a user account, the user registers for free on the website
By registering 3.2, the user confirms that he is at least 16 years old. Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to create an account.
3.3 In order for a user to create an account in Angra, he / she must complete the registration form, which is available on the online store website, and submit the form by clicking on the “Register Account” button. When registering, the user creates an individual account name and password.
3.4 When registering, the user is informed of the rules and regulations and confirms their consent by selecting the appropriate box.
3.5 Upon completion of the registration, each login to the account is made using the data provided in the registration form.
3.6 After the confirmation of the account creation is sent by the service provider to the e-mail address indicated in the user registration form, the contract for the provision of electronic services is concluded with the client – the services of maintaining the customer account and providing the contact form. Therefore, the user has the opportunity to log in to his account and change the data recorded during the registration process. This can be done for free.
§ 4. Simplified registration
4.1 The customer can buy the product as a so-called “Guest” without full registration. To do this, when the customer places an order, you need to select the option “Buy as a guest”.
4.2 When making a purchase with the “guest” option, the customer confirms that he is at least 16 years old. A person under the age of 16 does not have the right to buy under the rules set out in this paragraph.
4.3 When a customer buys a product as a “guest” he / she creates an account with the minimum data required to place an order. The seller can not process the customer order without creating his account. After creating the account, the data that provides access to the account will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user.
4.4 After completing the order, the guest can request the seller to delete his account by e-mail to the following address: or send a written request to the seller at the address specified in the rules and regulations. The request shall be implemented in accordance with Article 12, Paragraph 5 of the Rules and Regulations.
§ 5. Principles of buying
5.1 Information on the goods must include an offer to terminate the contract in accordance with the Civil Code of Georgia.
5.2 Information on goods should not include offers in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of Georgia.
5.3. The customer, using the mechanisms available on the online pages of the store (order form) when placing an order, submits an offer to purchase a specific item in accordance with the conditions specified in the description.
5.4 The user places an order for the goods available in the store as a registered user (by logging in to the user account) or as a so-called “Guest” (purchase with simplified registration).
5.5 Ma

Prices of goods posted on the Gaziantep website:

  1. a) Includes VAT and is presented in Georgian GEL.
  2. b) does not include delivery costs. Delivery costs depend on the method of delivery of the goods, as well as the cost of the order, the size and which will be presented on the order summary page.

5.6 To place an order you need:

  1. a) The customer selects the item he wants to buy and presses the “Add to cart” button or presses the cart button. If the customer wants to buy several products, he can add each product separately to the cart and can also select the desired products at the same time using the (+) and (-) buttons next to the product.
  2. b) After completing the product selection procedure, the customer will go to the “Cart” section (“Show Cart” button), then click “Continue” and enter his customer account or agree to the store rules and regulations (if he buys as a “guest” ) And then: choose delivery and payment methods.
  3. c) The customer enters the details of the order receipt and the address where the order should be placed.
  4. c) The customer enters the details of the invoice if it differs from the details of the order receipt.
  5. d) click on the button “Confirm purchase with payment obligation”.

5.7 The total cost of the order (price of goods, cost of delivery) is defined in the “Basket” section before the customer clicks the button “Confirm purchase with payment obligation”.
5.8 After placing an order, confirmation of the order and information about the receipt of the order or any obstacle arising during the receipt of the order, will be sent to the e-mail specified by the customer in his account.
5.9 Declaration by the seller on the receipt and execution of the order also implies the conclusion of a purchase agreement between the customer and the seller.
5.10 Upon concluding the purchase agreement, the seller must confirm its terms by sending them (via permanent data) to the customer’s e-mail or to the address specified in the customer’s account.
5.11 The date and time of placing the order is determined individually for individual goods and is presented by the number of days.
5.12 In case of non-possession of the ordered goods or if there is any other reason for the customer’s failure to place an order, the seller shall notify the customer of this in his account or by sending an notification to the e-mail or address indicated during the order. When the goods are not available when placing the order and concluding the purchase agreement, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract.
5.13 Commodity prices do not include information on delivery and other costs that may be incurred by the Customer under the Purchase Agreement.
5.14 The customer must be informed of all costs associated with the method of delivery and placement of the order.
5.15 Payment is made by bank transfer (“Payment prior to shipment” button) using one of the available payment methods or cash (“Cash on delivery” button). If payment was made before the goods are transported, order preparation Will start after the seller receives payment information from the customer (one of the available payment methods) and sends the customer a confirmation of receipt of the order.
5.16 In the order confirmation sent by the seller, the customer is provided with information on the date when the order fee should be paid.
5.17 In the event that the Customer does not pay the order fee in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in Section 5.16, the Seller shall send the Customer notice of the additional deadlines and notify the deadline when the Seller may terminate the Purchase Agreement between them. Information about the cancellation of the contract is sent to the customer in the account or at the e-mail address or at the specified address when placing the order.
5.18 Delivery may be made on the territory of Georgia or outside the territories specified in the website in international shipping.
5.19 The seller must provide the customer with the following methods of delivering and receiving the product:

  1. a) Transportation by courier.

5.20 The seller must indicate on the store website information about the delivery time of the goods. The mentioned information is approximate and is calculated from the moment of receiving the order until the end of the transportation of the goods. The time of order fulfillment should be determined by considering all the details including the availability of the goods in the store.
5.21 The seller must confirm that the delivered goods, which are the subject of the purchase agreement, are defective. The Seller shall declare that the delivered Goods being the subject of the Contract of Sale have no defects.
5.22 ordered

The goods are delivered to the customer at the address specified in the order form or in the customer account;
5.23 Entering an incorrect or incomplete address may result in a delay or delay in delivery time.
5.24 The seller must provide the customer by e-mail with the confirmation of the shipment of the goods on the same day as the goods are sent to the customer.
5.25 The customer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods and in case of defect or damage of the parcel, he has the right to request from the representative of the supplier to compile a report of the parcel damage.
5.26 The seller must attach a check or invoice or invoice to the parcel to be delivered in connection with the goods to be delivered.
5.27 If the Customer is not present at the specified address, the Supplier will leave a notice or attempt to contact the Customer by telephone and agree on a different delivery date. In case of return of the ordered goods to the store, the seller must contact the customer by e-mail or telephone and agree on the delivery date and re-delivery costs.
5.28 The costs related to re-delivery are borne by the customer.
§ 6. Liability and obligation of the seller (service provider) Legal guarantee
6.1 The Seller is liable for physical and legal defects to the Customer (legal guarantee) the Seller indemnifies against liability towards the Customers for physical and legal defects (statutory warranty).
6.2 The seller is liable to the customer for defects as defined by law
6.3 In the case of a contract with a customer, if a physical defect is found within one year of delivery of the product, it shall be deemed to have existed at the time of transfer of the risks to the customer.
6.4 If the product has a defect, the customer has the right to: submit a statement on price reduction demand;

  1. Declare that he wants to withdraw from the contract: Unless the seller immediately and without hesitation replaces the defective product with a defective one or eliminates the existing defect. However, if the product has already been modified or repaired by the seller the seller has no right to modify the product or eliminate the defect. 6.5 Instead of correcting the defect offered by the seller, the customer may request the replacement of the product with a defective item, or instead of replacing the product, the customer may request the product to be repaired. This is possible unless the customer’s request does not comply with the terms of the contract or requires a much higher cost than the method offered by the seller. When estimating cost overruns, the following are taken into account: the cost of the defective product, the type and significance of the defect, as well as the discomfort that may result from offering the customer another way of eliminating the problem. 6.6 The customer may not terminate the contract if the defect is minor 6.7. If the product is defective, the customer is also entitled to:
    1. Request to replace a defective product with an ineffective one.
  2. Request the elimination of the defect.

6.8. The seller is obliged to replace the defective product with a defective one or eliminate the defect within a reasonable time and not to create discomfort to the customer.
6.9. If the contract does not provide for the method of elimination of the defect requested by the buyer or this method requires additional costs compared to other methods, the seller has the right to refuse to use this method.
6.10. The customer has the right to return the product at the expense of the seller to the address indicated on the website:, at the expense of the seller, and is intended for complaints. If, depending on the type of product, its delivery to the seller is too difficult for the customer, the customer is obliged to give the seller the right to take the product himself. If the seller fails to do so, the customer can return the product at the seller’s own risk and expense.

  1. Product replacement and repair costs are reimbursed by the seller.
  2. The seller is obliged to take back the defective product by flawless replacement of the said product or terminate the contract.
  3. The seller is obliged to respond within fourteen days
    Statement on price reduction request;
    Application for termination of the contract;
    The requirement to replace a defective product with a defective one;
    Requirement to eliminate the defect;
    Otherwise, it will be deemed that the seller has accepted the customer’s application and agrees to it.
  4. Under the warranty, the seller is liable if a physical defect is found in the product within two years of delivery of the product.
  5. The right of the customer to request the elimination of the defect or the replacement of the product shall be considered invalid one year after the discovery of the defect, but not earlier than two years after the purchase of the product. If the product is used within one year

Is calculated from the moment of delivery of the product to the customer.

  1. If the term of the product is determined by the seller or the manufacturer within two years from the delivery of the product to the customer, the seller is liable under the warranty for any physical defects of the product which may be discovered during this period.
  2. Subject to the dates specified in paragraphs 15-17 of Article 6, the customer may file for termination of the contract or reduction of the price due to defective product, and if the customer requests replacement of the defective product or elimination of the defect from product, termination of service or price reduction Or after the expiration of the application submission period for the elimination of the defect.
  3. In case the rights of one of the parties are clarified through a court or arbitration, the period of use of the rights guaranteed by the user may be suspended until the final completion of the proceedings. Also in case of mediation procedures, the period of use of the rights guaranteed by the user is restored from the moment when the court refuses to consider the application before the mediator is involved or the ineffective mediation procedure is completed.

§ 7. Appeal procedure
7.1 The customer has the right to submit a complaint about the product to the seller’s e-mail address, which is indicated in the rules and regulations or by e-mail:
7.2 The seller is obliged to respond to the customer within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the submission of the complaint.
7.3 In order to satisfy the complaint, the customer must submit to the seller the product to which the complaint relates, as well as a description of the defect as confirmation and information confirming the purchase of the product by him.
7.4 It is recommended that the customer submit in the complaint application: (1) information and circumstances, in particular the type of defect and the time of defect detection; (2) determine how the product is eligible for the purchase agreement or the bid reduction or contract termination procedure; And complainant contact information- this will simplify the grievance redressal procedure by the seller. The above requirements are in the form of a recommendation only and their non-application will not affect the effectiveness of the application.
7.5 The complaint may not be based on:

  1. a) Circumstances related to the operation of the web browser, telecommunications connection, service repair and which need to be eliminated by the service providers;
  2. b) other circumstances related to the activities of other companies for which the service provider does not take responsibility.
  3. c) Mechanical damage to the goods caused by improper storage and care of the product by the consumer.
  4. d) Damage caused to the product due to improper use.
    7.6 If the seller does not respond to the complaint within the period specified in paragraph 7.2, the complaint shall be deemed to have been received by the seller.
    7.7 The seller must send the customer a response to the complaint in kind on a piece of paper or e-mail that the customer has indicated in the account or indicated when placing the order.
    § 8. Termination of the contract

8.1 A customer who enters into a purchase agreement has the right to terminate the contract without giving a reason within 14 (fourteen) calendar days.
8.2 The period of termination of the contract is calculated by the customer, or for the third party specified by the customer, except for the courier, from the moment of delivery of the goods. It is important to provide notice of termination of the contract to the seller in the form of an application via e-mail, which is indicated in the rules and regulations or on the store website: in the form submitted.
8.3 On notice of termination of the contract, the seller sends the customer a confirmation letter, for example, by e-mail, which is indicated in the customer account or indicated by the customer when placing the order.
8.4 The termination period of the Contract shall expire 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the transfer of ownership of the Product to the Customer, or to a third party specified by it, other than the Courier.
8.5 A terminated contract by the buyer will not be considered concluded.
8.6 If the buyer submits an application for termination of the contract before the seller receives the offer from the customer, the offer will not be considered binding.
8.7 The seller must immediately, but not later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the customer receives the request to terminate the contract, reimburse the customer for all costs incurred, including the cost of delivery of goods. The seller may refrain from returning the money until he has received the goods or any evidence that the goods will be returned.
8.8 The seller reimburses the customer for the delivery of the goods offered by him

Costs of the most budget delivery method. If the customer chooses another method of delivery and not the most budget, the seller is not obliged to incur additional costs.
8.9 The customer is obliged to return the goods quickly, no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the termination of the contract. To avoid delays, it is enough to send the goods to the seller’s address: Arthur Laist N11. Before the expiration of the term.
8.10 In case of termination of the contract, the customer will only have to bear the direct costs of returning the product.
8.11 The customer is responsible for reducing the value of the product resulting from the use of the goods in a way that does not take into account its characteristics and functions.
8.12 The seller returns the money to the customer by the same method as the customer used when paying. Unless the customer insists on payment by other method and does not require additional costs from the said seller.
8.13 The right to terminate the contract does not apply to customers who:

  1. a) purchased non-factory-made goods manufactured to the specific requirements of the customer and tailored to their individual needs;
  2. b) purchased goods which, after delivery, due to their nature, are inseparable from other products.

§ 9. Termination of contract for electronically supplied services

9.1 Both parties to the contract (seller and customer) may terminate the contract at any time within the time limit set for the electronically supplied service without specifying a reason.
9.2 The Customer must make a renewed intention and send it to the Seller’s email address. The notice of termination of service must also be sent to the customer by the e-mail specified in his account or by the e-mail address indicated there when placing the order.

§ 10. Reporting violations

10.1 In the event that a customer or other person claims that the content of the material published on the store website violates his personal rights or applicable law, he has the right to notify the seller.
10.2 The seller should immediately try to remove the above content from the store website.
10.3 Information related to the above should be sent to the following e-mail address:

§ 11. Free electronically supplied services

11.1 The seller provides the following electronic services to the customer free of charge:

  1. a) Contact form
  2. b) Save / maintain the user account.
    11.2 The seller reserves the right to choose and change the type, form, time and method of access to the selected and listed services. The seller must inform the customer about this in compliance with the existing rules and regulations.
    11.3 “Contact Form” includes sending a notice to the Seller through the form available on the Website. The “Contact Form” service can be refused at any time and implies the cessation of sending questions to the seller.
    11.4 The “Customer Account Maintenance” service is available after registration in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Rules and Regulations and provides the User with a dedicated panel on the Store Website. With this, the customer can modify the data entered during the registration process as well as view the history of current and completed orders.
    11.5 A user who is already registered may request deletion of the account. This can be done by sending a request to delete the account to the seller by e-mail: or to the seller’s address, which is presented in the rules and regulations. The account will be deleted within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the request.
    11.6 The seller has the right to block the account access and free services for the customer in case the user harms the seller or other users, violates the law or the terms and conditions set forth in the rules and regulations. Blocking a user account and canceling free services may also be done for security reasons, namely: the user endangers the security of the online store website. Account blocking and denial of access to free services will continue until the issue is resolved. The seller must notify the customer of the blocking electronically at the address specified by the customer in the account.

If any provision in the law and regulations has been found to be unlawful, void or invalid under the law of the country in which those provisions apply, it shall be removed and repealed from the rules and regulations, while the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
§ 13. Illegal Ways of Reviewing and Resolving Complaints
13.1 Detailed Customer Information

Use the ways to review and resolve grievances, as well as the rules for access to these procedures, posted on consumer advocacy offices and their websites, as well as in social organizations whose main task is to protect consumers in the Chamber of Commerce.
13.2 The Customer may use the following unlawful means of resolving and satisfying grievances: a) The Customer may apply to the Court of Appeals for disputes arising out of the contract of sale. Rules and issues related to mediation procedures are posted on the Chamber of Commerce website and are also available at the head office. c) Receive free assistance from social organizations or lawyers working to protect consumers.
13.3 In the event of a dispute relating to the purchase agreement, the parties shall seek a peaceful settlement.
13.4 Each Customer may use unlawful means of mediation to resolve a dispute. The list of mediators will be placed by the chairmen of the district court.

§ 14. Final Provisions

14.1 Information about the goods posted on the store website is not provided
14.2 The Seller is liable for non-performance or improper performance of the Purchase Agreement
14.3 In the case of a contract with a customer who is an entrepreneur, the seller is liable only in the event of intentional damage in accordance with the damage caused to the entrepreneur-customer.
14.4 Store special offers are not combined unless the special offer rules provide otherwise. The Store accepts no liability if two or more special offers are merged by mistake on the IT system. In this case, the store cancels the order.
14.5 Customers may use the discount program, the terms and conditions of which are available on the store website This discount program does not combine with special offers.
14.6 Special offer rules are published individually on the store website –
14.7 By law, the seller is not responsible if in case of blocking by the email server administrators he / she will not be able to send messages to the user via e-mail and also if the messages sent to the seller by the user installed on the user’s computer will be deleted and blocked.
14.8 The seller reserves the right to change the rules and regulations for important reasons.
14.9 Amendment of the Rules and Regulations shall enter into force on the date set by the Seller, but not less than 7 (seven) calendar days after publication on the Website. If the customer places an order before the change takes effect, it will be subject to the rules and regulations existing before the change.
14.10 All other matters not dealt with in the Rules and Regulations shall be governed by law.