«SUPERSONIC» Serum 1 Clear

Brief information

  • the combination of two different alkalizing agents (AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE and ETHANOLAMINE) allows the serum to open actively the cuticle scales, thus allowing easy penetration of the ingredients inside the hairs;
  • due to the mixture of two different relaxing agents (THIOGLYCOLIC ACID and CYSTEAMINE HCL), the serum influences on disulfide bonds, remodels them very quickly and efficiently;
  • the nourishing keratin- and collagen-based complex protects the protein structures of the eyebrow and eyelash hairs during the flexing procedure, prevents them from dehydration and fragility. It also retains moisture inside the hairs;
  • it thickens the hairs and provides them with elasticity.

The pH of the solution is 9,0-9,5.

Important! Exclusively for professional use!


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How Multivitor works:

Clear Solution – Serum 1 is a solution that removes eyebrow lashes for the first part. The product contains a combination of two types of relaxants and a type of alkali containing serum 1-fast and restore disulfide bonds in the game. This reduces the flexibility percentage

Extra time to protect hair from dehydration and brittleness Another useful keratin and collagen based complex.

Package content:

Volume: 10 ml.

Use exclusively with Serum 1 and Serum 2!

Made in: Ukraine

Shelf life: 24 months.
Shelf life after opening: 6 months.


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