Silicone Pads Size M1

Multiple silicone pads for eyelash lamination: soft and elastic, easily attached to the eyelid. Silicone pads are available in 5 different sizes and fit any size of eyelid and eye shape.


(1 pack of 10 pieces)

Material: silicone

Size: M1

Pack: 5 pairs (10 pieces.)

Made in China


1 in stock


how to use:

Attach the pads to the eyelid using a lamination fixing gel. Spread the lashes on the pad with the help of a special applicator. When the procedure is over, remove the pads from the eyelids. Finally, remove excess fixing gel with a water-soaked cotton swab.
Keep in mind! The pads are made of soft silicone, so you need to consider the following information
-Little mechanical damage to the pads is allowed and it does not affect the lash lamination procedure.
-Before use, you need to thoroughly clean and sanitize the pads.
-You can cut the edges of the pads to the desired size to give a more convenient and suitable shape.


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