Oxidizing Emulsion 3%

Oxide Emulsion 3% is specially formulated by ELAN professional line for mixing eyebrow paint «Deep Brow Tint» and paint color enhancers. The ideal formulation of the product and the soft creamy texture provide the perfect result. Emulsifying agents protect the hair during the eyebrow coloring procedure. Oxidizing Emulsion 3% and eyebrow dye “Deep Brow Tint” TM ELAN professional line, the pH of the ready-to-use dye is 7. Thus, eyebrow dye “Deep Brow Tint” is the first eyebrow dye with neutral pH, which protects the hair from damage and Prevents dry skin.


* One bottle of oxide emulsion is enough for one mile “Deep Brow Tint” 04 ICY / 05 SPICY.


Volume: 30 ml

Made in Ukraine.

Term: 24 months.

Post-opening period (PAO): 6 months.


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Terms of Use:

Eyebrow training

Use “ELAN professional line detox-mousse for eyebrows and eyelashes with antibacterial effect” (ELAN professional line cleansing detox-mousse for eyebrows and eyebrows with antibacterial effect) before the procedure of forming or coloring eyebrows for skin and hair loss. Detox mousse has bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

Defining eyebrows

Determine the shape of the eyebrows using “ELAN professional line Powder eyebrow pencil” Brow Liner Pro “or” ELAN professional line Powder micromatic eyebrow pencil “Brow Pro”.

Determination of coloration by mixing

Eyebrow paint “Deep Brow Tint” ТМ ELAN professional line Mix the oxide emulsion in a ratio of 3% in a 1: 1 non-metallic bowl, using a measuring spoon, which is included in the tint package.

Use 06 INDIGO or 07 ORANGE, TM ELAN Professional Eyebrow Tint Color Boosters according to the blending scheme to add more depth and intensity to the base eyebrow color palette or use to create new shadows:


Eyebrow Tint (49%) + Oxidizing Emulsion (49%) + Color Booster (2%) = Tinting Mixture (100%)

Attention! The more colors you use, the closer the final color will be to the booster color (blue or orange).


Eyebrow coloring

Apply the mixed paint on the eyebrows according to a predetermined shape. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, depending on the intensity of the eyebrow color. Then completely remove the paint with a cotton ball soaked in water. If the paint is left on the outside of the eyebrows, in unsightly parts, moisten the cotton with “Skin color remover” TM ELAN professional line “and remove the paint from the skin.

Complete the eyebrow coloring procedure

Use “ELAN professional line COLOR FIX: color fixing fluid for eyebrows and eyelashes with keratin and sunflower seed oil” for best results. By stabilizing color molecules it provides a long lasting effect on the hair.


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