GO GROW Vital Growth Monodose Serum for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

The serum formula developed is used to restore and stimulate eyebrow and eyelash hair. Deeply nourishes, strengthens and moisturizes hair.

The products are available in a convenient monodose format.


Volume: 10 monodoses х 1 ml
Made in Ukraine

Term: 24 months.

The serum contains CAPILIA LONGAPPF – patented active component made from curcuma based on stem cell peptides, which are the special signaling molecules for the hair growth activation. The formula is also infused with 8 amino acids (PRODEW® 400) in combination with hydrolyzed keratin, provitamin B5 and especial conditioning component based on the natural glucose (FiberHance™). Therefore, the treatment deeply nourishes, strengthens and moisturizes the hairs as well as facilitates their active regeneration.Post-opening period (PAO): 6 months.


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The serum contains CAPILIA LONPPF – a patented active ingredient containing turmeric based on stem protection peptides, which protect it from activation signaling molecules. The formula is also impregnated with 8 amino acid (PRODEW® 400) hydrolyzed kernels, provitamin B5 and a natural glucose-based conditioning component (FiberHance.). Because it deeply nourishes, strengthens and moisturizes the hair, as well as promotes their active regeneration.


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