Deep Brow Tint 04 ICY

Deep Brow Tint is an innovative product from TM ELAN professional line and also a component of SMART BROW TINTING SYSTEM, one of the characteristic eyebrow filling systems.

The paint can be used only with 3% solvent emulsion.


Net weight 20 ml.

Made in Ukraine.

Term: 24 months.

Period after opening (PAO) – Shelf life: 3 months.


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The two main colors of eyebrow paint
04 ICY cold brown- ICY cold brown
05 SPIСY warm brown- SPICY warm brown
Without ammonia and MEA (monoethanolamine)
The multifunctional alkalizer is an ideal alternative to traditional alkalizers, which allows the eyebrow dye to be used with a low percentage of solvent, thus reducing the risk of allergies.
As soon as the alkalizer is used, it enters into a chemical reaction, activates the process and the dye quickly appears on the skin and hair. It also allows the eyebrow master to make corrections while working on the eyebrow shape until the coloring procedure is complete.
List of unique ingredients:
The pH level of application of dissolved dye is 7. “ELAN professional line Long-lasting Eyebrow Tint” Deep Brow Tint “is the first eyebrow dye with natural pH, which protects the hair from damage and also from drying the skin.
The patented ingredient Heliogenol ™ by SEDERMA (France) provides color fastness and protects the eyebrows from fading and the sun’s UV rays *.
The pleasant smell of the paint makes the procedure more comfortable for the clients.
Dye lasts on skin for up to 14 days, and on hair up to 30 days (depending on skin and hair structure) **

* According to research conducted by the French company SEDERMA.

** According to the tests conducted by TM ELAN professional line technologists.


how to use:

Prepare the eyebrow

Use “ELAN professional line Cleansing detox-mousse for eyebrows and eyelashes with antibacterial effect” to clean skin and hair before you start eyebrow shaping and coloring procedures. Decto mousse has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Determine the shape of the eyebrow

Shape the eyebrows using a pencil, use ELAN professional line Powder eyebrow pencil Brow Liner Pro or ELAN professional line Powder micromatic eyebrow pencil Brow Pro.

Prepare a paint mixture

Using a measuring spoon, mix eyebrow paint in a non-metallic bowl with TM ELAN professional line “Deep Brow Tint” 3% solvent emulsion in the ratio 1: 1

Use TM ELAN professional line eyebrow color booster “Eyebrow Tint Color Boosters” 06 INDIGO or 07 ORANGE blending scheme to give the color more depth and intensity or you can also use them to create a new color.

Paint Mix (100%) = Eyebrow Paint (49%) + Solvent Emulsion (49%) + Color Booster (2%)

Eyebrow Tint (49%) + Oxidizing Emulsion (49%) + Color Booster (2%) = Tinting Mixture (100%)

Attention! The more boosters you use, the closer the final color will be to the booster color (blue or orange).

Eyebrow coloring

Apply the paint mixture on the eyebrows according to the predetermined shape. Leave for 5-10 minutes according to the desired acceptable color intensity. Then completely remove the paint using a cotton swab soaked in water. If it turns out that the paint mixture has gone beyond the desired shape of the eyebrows, moisten the cotton sticks TM “ELAN professional line” Skin color remover “and get rid of excess paint.

Complete the eyebrow coloring procedure

For best results, use “ELAN professional line COLOR FIX: color fixing fluid for eyebrows and eyelashes with keratin and sunflower seed oil” (keratin and sunflower seed oil for eyebrows and eyelashes.


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